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Ngaio's Christmas tree on display

We had a wonderful afternoon at Okains Bay Museum setting up “Ngaio’s Christmas Tree” for the museum’s annual “Christmas at the Museum” celebration.

Come along to see our tree along with other entries from across Canterbury - on until 13 January.

Ngaio Marsh, writer and Christmas lover, was famous for her children's Christmas parties. The children often acted a play for the adults and enjoyed the magic of theatre and dressing up.

This tree, designed to celebrate Ngaio's Christmas, is decorated with reproductions of editions of her novel “Tied up in Tinsel” and her plays “The Christmas Tree” and “A Unicorn for Christmas”.

Thank you to Okains Bay Maori and Colonial Museum for the invitation to take part, and Christchurch City Libraries' wonderful Auahatanga Creative Spaces service who helped the Trust make the bespoke decorations.

Meri Kirihimete!


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