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Strategic Plan sets out vision for the future

The Trust has published its Strategic Plan for 2023-2028. This document sets out our vision, strategic themes and action plan to ensure we continue to deliver on our kaupapa (vision) that the home, works and memory of Ngaio Marsh are known, enjoyed and appreciated by present and future generations.

We have set our five strategic themes that frame our work:

  • Preserve, restore and maintain the house, garden and collection in line with heritage best practice to ensure it is protected for current and future generations.

  • Continue to tell the story of Dame Ngaio Marsh, her achievements, and her home as a significant part of our local, national and international cultural heritage.

  • Partner, support and engage with our community to promote appreciation of Ngaio Marsh’s life, work, home and legacy.

  • Ensure effective governance of the Trust.

  • Develop sustainable sources of funding for the house, garden and collection.

Jessica Petersen, Trust Chair, said: "We are delighted to publish this strategic plan which gives us a clear framework for our plans until 2028, to ensure we deliver on our vision for the Trust. Many thanks to Trustee Maria Edgar who led this work, along with our dedicated volunteer Louise Bendall and Trustee Liz Crawshaw. I would also like to thank all our Trustees and volunteers who continue to give their time and expertise for free to maintain this Category I historic place and keep Dame Ngaio's memory alive."

Or download as a PDF

Ngaio Marsh Strategic Plan 2023 to 2028
Download PDF • 10.08MB


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